Dwelling Alternatives

Dwelling Alternatives 

Living Solutions for a Transitional World

A subsidiary of Classic Building & Design Co.; Dwelling Alternatives intends to meet the changing needs and challenges of having a space to call your own. There is a huge population looking for Affordable, Sustainable, and Versatile living solutions. First time homeowners, those looking to simplify their life, those retiring, and the many displaced by the economic depression. We put together this concept of  dwellings conceived and constructed within an entirely new model, with alternative financing opportunities. This world is in transition, so much needs to be overhauled, including the fact that no one should be indebted to the big banks for 30 years paying three times the original cost of their home.

Alternative, non traditional, and reclaimed materials will be utilized. The dwelling units will be put together like a puzzle in a controlled shop space, saving as much as 30% in the efficiency of labor and material use. Units can be easily added on for expansion, as the need and budget allow. The designs will be unique to each clients’ requirements with many options. The dwellings can be partially or entirely off the grid. The outside spacial use and connection with the interiors will be a strong component with variations on growing spaces.

Give us a call and come explore the potential of an entirely progressive concept in living.

Some examples of alternative modular homes….