Renovating with Efficiency

Perhaps you just want to freshen up your space, or maybe you have a rental that needs to be upgraded…This past summer I transformed an apartment that had gotten quite shabby with a renter of 16 years. I was able to turn it into a spectacular and charming space within a reasonable budget. The apartment became more valuable and therefore as a bonus, I was able to rent it for more money, which absorbed the cost of the renovation.

One must pay close attention to design priorities, color changes, details that give you more bang for your buck…For example I had a company refinish all of the wood floors; but instead of sanding and finishing, I discovered there was a process where the floors are cleaned, evened out with toner and coated. Spectacular results!… that make a lot of sense when you are dealing with an older house, where the floors are already thinner from being refinished in the past. The integrity of the antique look is maintained while creating a fresh, clean finish.

I did demo and put in an entirely new bathroom. The existing one could not be salvaged…but this resulted in a huge impact on the apartment! I was able to keep the existing kitchen cabinets, which were repainted in a beautiful soft sea green and finished with new hardware. All new appliances were purchased at great prices during sale events. The walls and much of the woodwork was repainted. By maintaining some of the existing trim colors we were able to avoid repainting all of the sash in this antique house…a big labor savings. Paint suppliers are genius at matching color these days.

The overall result of my efforts brought forth the perfect long term renter who is in love with her new home. A win, win situation. Upgrade your property and create a beautiful space for others to enjoy. An efficient renovation in your future? Springtime is on its way…Give me a call and we can have some fun being creative while enhancing your investment!