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Rolling Owl Stool Sage012LR

Introducing the Owl Stool collection by Geoffrey Warner Studio. Not just any stool! Not only is it beautifully handcrafted, but it is ergonomically designed. The secret is in the eyes! The holes you see in the Owl Stool are designed to relieve pressure on your ischial (sit) bones and cradle your pelvis in a way that supports optimal spinal alignment. An aesthetic balance has been struck between beautiful form and healthy spinal support. Classic Building & Design Co. is the seacoast representative for this innovative furniture line.

 Great Bay 61

Balance, proportion, harmony…the orchestration that is necessary to be one with your environment. All the principles of good design and successful construction. The beauty of being a design-build company is that the two are never separate from one another, and nothing is in the abstract. Practical understanding and application of a design, carefully conceived through many conversations with the client, is the balance that brings about a successful end project. Like the harmony of being in control, at an even speed with the wind through the water; a process of coming together as in the execution of a good design that is well constructed. Many factors must flow together such as open, consistent communication, budgetary tracking, informed design choices, time charting, orchestration of subcontractors and suppliers. It is a complicated process, that with proper guidance, creativity and trust, can be a wonderfully engaging experience, with amazing results. A finished space that fits your needs as it should!

Look for upcoming posts on our growing involvement in solar generated electricity for residential and small business customers!